WoW PvP Bot


WoW PvP Bot

We have the solution ! An autonomous program which does not require any intervention from you. Simply launch the game and open the Bot program.

Compatible with all patches

The WoW PvP Bot is 100% compatible with all patches, including the latest update

Update and New Features

We are continually working on our application to make it more and more powerful. Scroll down the page for more information about the next update.

Supports all Patches and AddOns
Supports all Battlegrounds and Cities
Supports all Factions and Classes




WoW PvP Bot - Installation

The Gnome Installer

The Gnome Installer makes the installing process a breeze. Double click on the Installer icone, next > next > next and it's done!

Bot configuration

All you need to do is copy the shortcut from World of Warcraft in the program. Nothing complicated! You will receive a documentation with the Bot concerning the configuration.

Blizzard Warden

The program is 100% undectable by the Blizzard Warden. The program and AddOn created automaticaly is protected by a random name generated when you use the Bot for the first time.

Detects whispers (player / GM)
Reply to whispers (variant players / GM)
Plays sound on events
Relog on disconnect / Error / Crash
100% Undetectable (Random AddOns)


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How the Bot works ?

WoW PvP Bot

Auto Sign up

The program sign up and automatically leaves the BG. Whatever your faction or city, you choose the BG and leave it to the bot.

It plays for you

The program does everything automatically and leaves the impression that a real player is controlling the character. Attack of ennemies, buff and bandage application or defence of a camp... no one can assume that a program is playing for you!

Answers to other players and GM

The program detects if someone whispers or if a GM talks to you. Then, it answers automatically with a personalized sentence and takes a screenshot. You can also ask it to leave the game if a GM talks to you.

Honor points

With our PvP Bot, you just have to turn on your computer, launch the Bot, launch WoW and that's it! You can go to work, watch television, take a nap... It does it all automatically.

Let it do the work and spend your honor points!

Attacks players / Healer mode
Use Buffs and Mount
Use determined Waypoints / BG
Detects Graveyards - respawn
100% Automated (Sign up / Leave / Log out)



Major Update


- New Waypoint System

With a brand new system, your Bot knows exactly where it is on the map at any time (cemetery etc.). Your character will find its way through the map, with several possible scenarios depending on what happens in the game.

- Personal Waypoint Paths

You can now determine waypoints directly into the game for your bot to use. You want your bot to use a predefined path all the time? Use the default waypoints so that the path to the bot is exactly what you want.

- New userface

The new WoW PvP Bot come with a brand new user interface which is as friendly as our actual Bot but with more customizable options.

- New language

The Bot is available in English, French, German and Spanish.

The Bot is actually fully fonctionnal with all language version of World of Warcraft.